Creativity in porcelain

Since 1982

Gaining experiences in the field about 20 years, we have been specialized in manufacturing and exporting full range of high quality porcelain tableware. Our products are widely acclaimed as quality porcelain tableware with reasonable price in both local and international hotel & restaurant business.

Our products are available in a variety of shapes, each item is fully guaranteed for its durability, as it is made from selected materials and undergoes a modern and systematic production process. The materials are fired at a temperature of 1400C ( 2550F ), which make the glaze and body to be fully vitrified, hygienic and non porous. As a hard porcelain, it lives up to all the necessary requirements - chip resistance, thermal, density, whiteness, elegance and functional - which is most suitable for hotel and restaurant use.

We have seven different series in our western shape product line. The shape of our items is classic and elegant that fits well from breakfast through dinner. All of them were designed for heavy-duty service and had been checked for functionality. The main items are stackable which help to save storage space and most suitable for banquets. The rim has a reinforce back for extra durability and has been tested for chipping resistance.

We also have two different series in our Chinese shape product line, the complete range was designed according to the international standard for serving authentic Chinese food, which is unique in itself and requires specific tableware. Further to the wide range and the beauty of design, functionality and durability have never been overlooked.